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When I was in Toronto last month, my high school friend and owner of Wildcraft Care invited me for a tour of her new studio and gifted me all the products in her line in exchange for my open and honest review. Her studio is absolutely gorgeous! I was so proud of her and extremely happy to share in her success. Who would have predicted that she would become a natural beauty product developer and I would become a beauty blogger! Fast forward to present day, and you have yourself the perfect partnership! (Congrats Jess! XOX)

Of course, there was no pressure, but I challenged myself to a 5-day natural skincare routine. I had one of everything, so my daily skincare regime was covered… All I needed was a bit of patience and some open-mindedness to make this happen.


Here are the Wildcraft Care products that I used:

Balance & Clarify Toner

I was greedy and couldn’t chose which toner to pick, so I got both! These toners smell absolutely lovely. Toners are a great base that clear your face before you moisturize. They are perfect for balancing your skin. I love using it to refresh my face after a long day, especially after a hot and sticky one (I may have also spritzed my cleavage!). I left one in my gym bag at work and spray a little freshness after yoga.

Natural Deodorant

This is the most convenient natural deodorant I have ever used. I usually use a cream deodorant that is quite drying and a bit messy, but I can get used to this quick spray-bottle routine. I used it for 3 days in a row, and was happy with the results on these low intensity days. I did however notice that it was not quite strong enough post-garlic consumption! hahah

Face Cream

I used this Geranium Orange Blossom face cream every morning for 5 days and really appreciated the extra moisture it offered during the transition of cold and warm days. It is a very rich cream but absorbs quite nicely. What I loved about this cream is that it wasn’t very different from my typical routine. It was a texture and application that I was already used to, which makes the transition to natural beauty products a little easier.

Face Serum

Face oil is so hot right now and I am so glad this Regenerating Face Serum has entered my life. I use it after cleansing and toning. Ideally, you want to add it first, so your skin can absorb the nutrients, then you moisturize with the Face Cream.

Body Cream

If I had to chose one favourite Wildcraft Care product, it would be this body cream. Its consistency is similar to a rich body butter, but this stuff soaks into the skin and lasts for about 24 hours… for real! It’s idea for lathering on after shaving your legs. And because it’s natural, I trust it to heal any cuts or nicks that I got after shaving. If you’re curious about this line, please buy all the body cream!

Face & Body Scrub

This face and body scrub is too gorgeous to use, it looks perfect on my bathroom counter and I didn’t want to open it! The fine powder makes the perfect gentle exfoliant for the entire body and will not pollute the ocean with those disgusting plastic balls! Is there a better feeling than freshly exfoliated skin? After scrubbing, I moisturized with my favourite body cream (and face cream) for a super duper moisture treatment!

PRO TIP: Wet your face or body first, then sprinkle the dry powder, and scrub away! Making a paste in the palm of your hand can get a bit messy and wasteful.

All Purpose Salve

Cracked cuticles? There’s a salve for that! Dry lips? There’s a salve for that! I love the versatility of this salve and leave it next to my bedside table.

Cleanse Makeup Remover

Personally, this makeup remover was the product that required a little more getting used to. I can’t say it’s my favourite to remove a full-face makeup look. It does breakdown eyeliner and mascara and will remove eye shadow, blush and foundation makeup… but I wear a lot of makeup and don’t think this product is for me. I do like it a lot for removing my liquid lipstick, which can be tricky! It helps to breakdown the makeup and it comes off nicely with a makeup pad.

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to makeup remover and you don’t wear full-face makeup, you’ll really like this product.


Results of my 5-day natural skincare routine

All-in-all, I was quite impressed that Wildcraft Care products offer a luxurious approach to natural skincare regime, at extremely affordable prices. They make the transition to using natural beauty products quite easy, with traditional methods of application and high quality products that we are used to. The products have very gentle natural fragrances and are made with local ingredients that are good for us too.

I have healthy skin, with normal to dry complexion and tend to wear a lot of eye makeup. After using Wildcraft Care for 5 days, I found myself wanting to go natural and not use any makeup at all. I felt like wearing my new oil, salve and creams as makeup! I can’t claim that it made any significant changes to my body, but that could be a great indication that this new routine agrees with me.

On the days I wore makeup, I found that using the face cream and oil near my eyes was a bit too much and my eyeliner moved more than it should have. I switched to using the rich face cream at night and oil in the day, to help correct that. I heard that some clients use the face oil as primer, which helps to bend the makeup into the skin. I can see that working on really dry skin or in cold weather.

I believe that going natural is not a cold-turkey decision, but more of a transition. It’s not an all-or-nothing game. For example, I have been using natural deodorant for 4 years now, since I had my son, and never found a reason to go back. My makeup however, I am quite happy with and I am not looking to make the switch… yet (but open to trying it of course!).

Just like any beauty products, whether natural or not, I think there is the right product for every person. If you like supporting local Canadian businesses and think these products are for you, then I urge you to give Wildcraft Care a try! You can buy online (use promo code ‘Chantsy’ to get $5 off!!), or at Urban Outfitters (Byward Market) and JV Studio in Ottawa.

Thank you Wildcraft Care for gifting me your amazing products for me to review!

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