#PoweredByTheDark: New Biotherm AquaSource Everplump Review

“So what’s inside the box?” That was the first thing I asked myself as I unboxed this mysterious package a few weeks ago! Turns out, it was Biotherm AquaSource Everplump 24/7 Plumped Up Routine, their newest line of  skin plumping and next-level Hyaluronic Acid moisture treatment. The kit included a day cream, gel sleeping mask that you leave all night, a silicone brush to apply the gel and a plumping lip-gloss. The next day… research ensues.

I guess it makes sense that I have a Biochemistry degree… I love beauty products and understanding what active ingredients contribute to the benefits that are promised in the product. I love playing with them, smelling them, feeling the textures. I love testing how products react to my skin, trying new application methods, and testing how they mix with my makeup… a true scientist at work!

After reading up on Biotherm AquaSource Everplump, I found it interesting that the active ingredient in the gel mask is a dark cultivated algae that works in the absence of light and the face cream focuses on a powerful Hyaluronic Acid born from aquatic biology. I also learned that gels penetrate skin faster and smoothen fine lines more effectively. Very interesting.

So, what is Hyaluronic Acid anyway?

Don’t fret about the word acid, this stuff will not burn your face. In short, Hyaluronic Acid is a large gooey-like molecule, and largely present in the body, like eyes and joints… specifically it’s located in the extracellular matrix (the space between cells). It helps with tissue regeneration and lubrication, which is why you see so much of it in creams and masks . Factoid- other than in skincare products it’s also used as lip filler in plastic surgery (I did not know that!). So if you see HA in your products, don’t be scared and moisturize away!

Amateur photographer moment- I wish I spun the day cream, so you can see it from the front!


A light, fluffy and gel-like texture with a lot of moisture. It holds a signature Biotherm scent that true fans will adore. This will be perfect for summer.


I loved this mask, it soaked right up in my skin overnight and felt silky smooth in the morning. I rinsed it off in the morning in the shower and used the day cream right after. The silicone brush is a really nice way to apply the gel all over the face and it washes really easily as well. You don’t need much either, a little product goes a long way. You apply the mask on every night, leave it in for 10 minutes, then massage it into your skin. Or, slap it on before you start your Netflix routine. By the time you’re in bed, most of the gel will have absorbed into your skin. 


I tried this gloss while my mask was soaking in and loved the moisturizing feeling. I’ll leave this at work near my desk, because the dry air tends to kill my skin and lips. Although I wish my lips were a little fuller, I will opt for this treatment over HA fillers… for now! haha

Disclaimer- This is not me after using Biotherm Aquasource products, nor does my 4 year old son use them! hahaha

I love these model shots of Victor, I had to share them with you. As I was taking the photos, he picked up the brush to get my attention and I was like “opportunity!!”. Instead of yelling at him, I slapped on some of the Everplump night mask on his face and went to town. I love his serious expressions, and also my camera skills are getting really good! This kid has a future in media…

Thank you to Biotherm for sending me these lovely products for my open and honest review.

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  1. You should try applying the night mask with the tool in the dark. It glows and it’s super cool to use it with the dark activated algae mask.

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