PinkSpiration at Place D’Orleans for the month of June

A few months ago, Place D’Orleans launched the Find your Colour campaign, to encourage shoppers to get out of their comfort zone and add a little colour to their style pallet this Spring and Summer. I was asked to be captain for #TeamPink and showcase a few fun looks inspired by the colour pink! Follow Place D’Orleans on their social channels  throughout the month of June to see more PinkSpiration!

Here are the two looks that I put together.

Look 1- Summer uniform

  • If you’re afraid of colour, try it on one item only, like this tank top from Reitmans. Pink is super flattering on different skin tones and looks super polished.
  • White jeans provide a perfect neutral pallet for the summer and can be worn with colour easily. Cut the bottoms off for a cropped frayed look, if you’re up for it.
  • I’m also tipping  my hat to the 80’s with this oversized jean jacket (buy it a few sizes too big, for an edgy vintage feel).
  • If you really want to draw people in with colour, but not ready to commit to colour in your clothes, make sure you invest in colourful accessories like shoes, purses and jewellery. These block heel strappy sandals from Call it Spring complete the look perfectly.

I’ll be abusing this look all summer long, and you should too!

Look 2- Athleisure

Nothing feels and looks more awesome than a well balanced athleisure look: a bit of sports and a sprinkle of sass. This look is super comfortable and will motivate you to move this summer.

  • If you want to add colour to your look, patterns are a great way to start. My heart swoons over this floral bomber jacket from Hudson’s Bay.
  • A fun pair of colourful sneakers will take you a long way this summer, and will keep you stylish the entire time. Find the right tones of colour that suit you best, and stick to it. You’ll notice these Nike sneakers from Hudson’s Bay are a play on pink and go well with the bomber.
  • Black is the neutral palette in this look. Cropped leggings are a must in any workout wardrobe, and will go with almost any top. I love these Nike leggings from Hudson’s Bay, they are supportive, stretchy and breathable.
  • Have fun with your tops, and add more colour to your look. This neutral pale pink T-shirt from Hudson’s Bay is super soft and versatile.
  • Go crazy with colourful accessories, like these reflective aviators from Hudson’s Bay.

Also- Congrats to #TEAMPINK for winning the COLOUR RACE!!!

Photo credit (looks 1 and 2)  Kamara Morozuk

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