How good is your fashion vocabulary?

I was perusing on Pinterest and fell into a “Fashion Vocabulary” black hole. So, I decided to curate these little infographics with hopes that you can refer to them when you need! I mean, I am asked to describe clothing all the time, and because I am not a fashion designer by trade and have zero formal experience in fashion education (apart from watching Fashion television with mom growing up), I myself, will be referring to these charts more often than I would like to admit!

Happy learning!

belts-vocabulary_2 e7c479fc7dfe75b2d761fd5955ba674d darts_vocabulary hosiery-vocabulary hats-fashion-vocabulary c7908a6413e2c17fe134688cec6efb90 c7908a6413e2c17fe134688cec6efb90 (1) braids-vocabulary-2 belts-vocabulary ae8cd1b3089aa4c0ac203125825fc182 855350bf1599200f11be147036659307 840330ac34a15e1bafc9235d177d5ee6 38239f646d42b629343a3c2d67c3e95b 6557f3a7e06b34aa8e2e5d1bf955ccd9 fe157fc0ac3f8bd3d0a4063010c1acd4 849ce2475f2dd44ccb5ff05eb8f33e1f 525fec3cd4f15425ef59f468283dbc25 84f39e2a785ec4b2b9ebc88de834cd72 17f8c62c4e3d30c30d741c5e5c577d48 9bd06d7865e7a3d794e4fdf7121d894c 9a584a956ef5a6edabd9f6d0534e9c51 7d1172e70f7a5f2b6a56ff447acb9e78 4ee8caf76d93d945b859cf395b01b636 1dcf9daa3b61290a180c5104750da33c

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