A true look at Canadian Winter Fashion in 2016

If you’re anything like me, getting dressed in the mornings these days, is harder than ever.

Forget trends and style for a minute. What on earth do I wear when there is 2 feet of snow and I don’t want to freeze my buns off, yet still want to look like I am not bundled in a duvet. Although, that sounds amazing.

Feeling uninspired? Me too! I know… Let’s head over to Pinterest!

What in the? How on earth is this “winter fashion”? I mean, yes, these are my #winterfashiongoals but so not functional.

Then I get photos like this…


Gorgeous ? I love it. I can totally shovel my driveway in those heels. I’ll skip the sox too… That’s extra laundry and plus, having feelings in your ankles is so 2015.

You catch my drift. I love all these inspirational pictures, but that’s what they are, inspiration. Also, the bare minimum to qualify for a winter fashion image requires a tiny big of snow on the ground.

There isn’t much available online that depicts what true fashionistas are sporting on the snowy slushy streets of  Canada. It’s also important to note that we, as Canadian fashion bloggers, have a duty to report on what true Canadian Fashion trends look like in 2016. I want to see boots, scarves, mittens, hats, parkas… The whole nine yards.

I found these pictures that make a bit more sense…


Have fun this winter. Stay warm and gorgeous!

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  1. Love this post Chantal!! I always wonder how people stay stylish in the cold because when I try it ends up looking like the second set of pictures and I’m completely freezing! And even some of the looks in the third set aren’t warm enough for the kind of cold we get here…or maybe thats just me, I’m always cold. I’m going to try and figure out an outfit that does both, but mostly I’ll just be in pjs and my blanket until spring.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this post! I love how these pics depict winter fashion in such a fun and positive way. Now I want to go out and get some of these fab pieces!

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