Dirty Dancing Fashion Tips: 5 outfit ideas you can wear in 2016

I took a trip down memory lane on the weekend and watched Dirty Dancing at my friend’s place. I mean, I could have watched it in my head, but it had been a while since I actually watch watched it.

I watched it in a totally different mindset though, particularly observing wardrobe. Maybe it’s because my fashion blog consumes 80% of my brain and social life, but I had never watched this movie in that light before.

We know fashion cycles come and go, but I never thought I would see the day when nearly all the outfits and clothes from an 80’s movie would be in full swing in 2016! Here are some of my favourite looks:

Baby's jeans and white crop top Dirty Dancing
The tight denim Bermuda shorts (albeit a little long) paired with a white crop top blouse and white keds.
Baby's pink skirt in Dirty Dancing
The long tulle pale pink skirt with metallic heels and a white crop top (can also be warn with white keds!)
Baby's short demin shorts and nude bodysuit in Dirty Dancing
#Festivalstyle anyone? A rusty nude bodysuit and high-wasted denim shorts with white keds. This could be a Forever 21 ad.
Baby's white jeans and top in Dirty Dancing
White denim and all white everything! (Yes, Keds also)
Penny white boho top Dirty Dancing
This off-the-shoulder boho/ peasant top looks amazing on Penny and would kill on Instagram.

In case you wanted to shop the Dirty Dancing closet, I made you a little Curvy friendly shopping list!

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  1. My gran always said if yo were young enough to wear it the first round you are too old to do it the second round. Sadly for grandma (bless her soul) I really don’t care! Some of these are great. I for one am loving the return of the white jean and peasant blouses.

  2. Dirty Dancing is one of the best movies ever made. I think every woman can recite this movie from heart. I never thought to go back and look at the fashion. They do say that fashion goes through cycles. Everything comes back.

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