Farang Thai Catering: 100% Authentic, 100% Gluten free and 100% made in Ottawa

This past Saturday, I skipped making dinner and invited some friends over to test out a relatively new authentic Thai catering company in Ottawa that reached out to me. Farang Thai Catering serves up 100% authentic Thai food, made with locally sourced products in Ottawa and the entire menu is 100% gluten free (see, the cook is celiac, so you know it’s legit!). If you attend any Asian night markets in the city or Asian Festivals in Ottawa, you would recognized their booth: they are typically known for their super spicy dishes and jumbo portions! Although they are sure to serve up a delicious pad Thai, Farang Thai Catering prides themselves on preparing a variety of authentic dishes that are staples in Thai homes and villages, but not typically served in North America.

Farang not only provides catering for large events and private functions, but they have recently launched a prepared meals service for folks who don’t like to cook or rely on frozen meals for the week.

Check out these mouth-watering pics of each menu item that was specifically prepared for us!

What we ate- Farang Thai Catering Menu:

  • tom kha soup with shrimp
  • nam prik spicy dipping sauce with sticky rice
  • green papaya salad
  • chicken satay skewers with a red curry peanut dipping sauce
  • coconut sticky rice with mango

tom kha soup with shrimp

nam prik spicy dipping sauce with sticky rice

green papaya salad

chicken satay skewers with a red curry peanut dipping sauce

A cold beer with dinner is a staple drink in Thailand

coconut sticky rice with mango


We ordered dinner for 6 people (which equates to a $35 value per person). We ate like kings and still had plenty of food leftover.

tom kha soup with shrimp– A delicious velvety smooth coconut milk soup, with a hint of lemongrass and tomato. Everyone loved this soup. Personally, I am a huge fan of mushrooms and really enjoyed the generous slices of shitake.

nam prik spicy dipping sauce with sticky rice- when something is extremely spicy, the way to get over it is to keep eating it, right? This addictive spicy sauce is not for the faint of heart. Ironically, your mouth keeps salivating and craving for more. But trying not to fill up on all the rice is a skill only pros can master. I added the hot sauce to other dishes like the papaya salad and peanut sauce to get my fix. I love this “conversation” appetizer. It gets people really talking heat in the kitchen.

green papaya salad- I hate ripe papaya, but crunchy green papaya salad is an obsession I cannot get over. The portion is big enough to keep my cravings under control for a few days at least. Crunchy and fresh, with a hint of heat, this salad is perfect by itself or as a side.

chicken satay skewers with a red curry peanut dipping sauce- Who doesn’t love bbq protein on a stick? These chicken skewers were everything and the red curry peanut sauce was even more magical. I put that s%&t on everything! These are a MUST for every order (thank me later!)

coconut sticky rice with mango- This is why you should not fill up on sticky rice… there is more sticky rice for dessert, but this one is sweet, creamy and full of goodness and it’s paired with my favourite fruit: ripe slices of Atulfo mango. The sweet coconut milk poured over the rice turns it into a cake-like treat and the salty coconut sauce on top adds the perfect balance of sweet and salty.


What I love most about Farang is how Cameron, owner and cook, always has great stories to share about his love of Thai food, his obsession with hot peppers, and what inspired his latest authentic dish. Whether it’s finding a quirky name for the business (Farang is a derogatory term used in Thailand for ‘white person/traveler’)  or turning a poor man’s meal into a new fan favorite appetizer (nam prik spicy dipping sauce with sticky rice) Fanrang Thai Cathering is serving up lots of heat in the capital. Make sure you check them out and give them some Ottawa love!

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