Transformation: my frenemy the scale


This is me every morning now. 

Don’t get obsessed with your weight, it’s just a number, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s all about how your clothes fit, and how you feel (I call BS on this).

I hate that I have made this an everyday routine, but truth be told… it’s what keeps me in check. Lately it’s also been torture… I keep teetering between 185 and 187 pounds. I need to lose another 10 pounds to reach my goal. The last 10 pounds seems to be impossible. Although I have noticed my body shape looks different, and I am a smaller size now than I was three months ago, not seeing any numbers go down can become discouraging.

It’s almost like I’ve lost my drive, and have found a new comfort zone. It’s the same comfort zone I found at a higher weight. I keep telling myself I need to amp up my workouts and be careful with what I’m eating. I keep treating myself and congratulating myself on my efforts thus far. I deserve a reward right? 

I am terrified of gaining the weight back and feeling like a failure. All that effort and all the sacrifices I made… Can you imagine? It’s quite common for people to gain back their weight, but my ultimate goal is to keep it off, and not necessarily keep losing. That’s a challenge on its own.

I’ve been feeling a little bit down lately, and I feel like I need to get this off my chest. Thank you to my friends who keep encouraging me. 

Are you going through similar a phase in your life? Do you have any questions? Please leave your comments below! Let’s chat!

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  1. YES.

    Although I work out regularly and eat fairly clean, I love treats and I have a hard time saying no (especially this time of year, it seems, with patio season, beer and burgers!). Although I should be happy with my weight and body, I can’t help but frown on the areas I’m less than happy with. Some days I feel great and other days I don’t understand why I’m not getting leaner, faster. The struggle is real!

  2. It is a daily struggle 🙁 I’ve been holding my own for 1 year. I started working out , that’s new , but the weight still wants to stay right where it is. I initially lost 30 lbs. in 2009 all good, I have kept it off , give and take 5 lbs either way. I wanted to lose another 20 lbs. last year ,so I started the workouts, eating clean , somewhat , let’s be real! Anyway, I lost the 10 in about 6 mo. But do you think I can loose another 10? No way it is hanging on. let me in on your secrets, please!

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