Travel in style

I’m headed to Vancouver for a few days for some much needed R&R. I’m really looking forward to catching some street style pics of Vancouverites!

As usual, I checked in way too early, because I’m paranoid when I travel. I always give myself more than enough time. I’ll chalk it up to a great opportunity for a blog post!

When you travel, do you bring your best style forward? Are you a fashion chameleon tourist? Do you choose comfort over style? Personally, I’m a healthy mix of all three.

This is me, coffee in hand, patiently waiting to board the plane. I’m wearing my new favourite  wool scarf from “In the Ville” that I bought at the National Women’s Show. I’ve got my cozy green GAP flats, white GAP jeans, denim GAP shirt and black blazer from Casis (wow GAP overload!). 

In hand, I’m lugging my grey ‘alle’ Uashmama bag. It’s perfectly suited to use as a briefcase, fits my laptop and will double as my travel bag once I get to my destination. Shoulder strap here is key! Actually, as I write this post, I spot the same bag on another passenger! How cool is that!

Well, I’m off to see bigger and better things and hopefully come back revived, refreshed and inspired!

Have a great week!

Xox Chantal

PS- packing was a nightmare last night! I tried to plan outfits and just couldn’t hustle through it. 

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