6 wellness tips I learned from Ford Canada on a road trip to Montebello

Wellness shouldn’t be a word we just throw around and take for granted. It’s a guilt-free lifestyle that needs to be practiced consciously and be a part of every aspect of our daily living. Wellness has the ability to keep us calm, relaxed, productive, successful and healthy: mentally, emotionally and physically.

In this post, I’ll share 6 wellness tips I learned from Ford Canada on a road trip to Montebello.

What is #FordWellness?

This weekend, Ford Canada invited me and a few other local bloggers to experience a wellness weekend at Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello. We all had a busy but relaxing #FORDWELLNESS stay, and got to understand the vision behind some of Ford’s staple features, that believe-it-or-not, contribute to our everyday wellness.

It makes sense if you think about it, we spend so much time in our cars. We use it to get to our daily destinations, to travel, to put our kids to sleep, to have deep discussions with our partners, and to transport things… like heavy shopping bags! Ford does an excellent job of making their cars feel like a second home and an extension of ourselves. No stressful fumbling around in your bag to unlock the car, just open the door! No need to touch your phone, the car will take care of your calls and be your co-pilot. Feeling distracted? You’ll get an alert you if there’s a car in your blind spot or if you’re swerving out of your lane. Take advantage of soothing features like back massages and air conditioned seats, that make it easy to decompress in traffic on your way home. Want peace and quiet? The extra silent cabin allows for a total peaceful drive. Or, jam to your favourite tunes with the wicked sound system for a pick-me-up.

Ford does not mess around. Their convenient FordPass app offers you extra peace of mind like the capability to unlock/lock your car remotely, start your car remotely, and find parking at your next destination.


6 wellness tips I learned from Ford Canada

1- Hang out with like-minded people who share the same goals. It’s great way to share ideas, problem solve and get informed about your industry.

2- Take breaks often. And don’t just take a break, but also recognize when you need a break. Get up, move around and go to bed when it’s time.

3- Nature can nurture. I have an odd relationship with nature. I am not big on annoying bugs, or the mysteries that hide in deep dark forests, but throw in a body of water and I home. Whether it is a lake, waterfall, river or an ocean, I somehow find myself at peace near water. I can hear myself think in the absence of sound near a quiet lake, or meditate to the rhythm of loud waves crashing in.

4- Laugh a LOT. Nothing can compare to the therapy that is brought on by laughter. It’s so addictive and contagious. It burns energy, and it creates a strong bond with those who join you in your laughter.
5- Treat yourself to the human touch. I booked a body scrub and wrap at the spa, and it felt amazing. Not just because I was being pampered, but being touched reminds you that we all thrive on human contact.
6- Namaste everyday. I practice yoga every week, and only wish I had the time to do it every day. It’s good for my mind, my body and my spirit. I learned some pretty cool Car yoga techniques this weekend that I look forward to trying out.


Over the weekend, I drove the Escape, the Fusion and the Flex. I had driven the Ford Escape a few months ago and liked it a lot, but I have to say the Flex stole my heart. It’s a bit of a beast, but I loved the view you get as a driver. The car has a bright cabin, individual skylights for passengers, a modern dashboard, and all the trunk space in the world. The drive is super smooth, and let me tell you… this car can move!

A huge thank you to Ford Canada for hosting this amazing Wellness weekend at the Fairmont Chateau Montebello. All opinions in this post are my own.

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