30 something? Here’s why Idealia Skincare by Vichy is for you

Idealia Skincare by Vichy

Finally, a skin care routine tailored for me. I have been using the new Idealia skincare by Vichy line for a week now, and it’s too amazing not to share. Sometimes I feel ridiculous using age defying products, maybe it’s because I am blessed with healthy skin, or maybe because I am in denial of my age (33 isn’t old, is it?). Regardless, I don’t want to use old lady cream just yet. I appreciate that most lines have a “protect skin now, enjoy it later” attitude, but it makes me feel old to think that wrinkles are in my not-so-distant future.

When I was sent these Idealia products by Vichy to test out, I couldn’t wait to try them. Literally, I opened the packages and started using the day cream right away. First, you get sucked in with the gorgeous packaging, then you get tempted with the luxurious textures and then you get hooked with that classic and clean Vichy scent. Well-played Vichy, well-played.

After just a week of using the Idealia skincare by Vichy line, I noticed that my skin is super soft, hydrated and just looks a little healthier. It’s hard to describe. I wouldn’t say it’s a miracle cream and that my face looks photoshopped, but it has a subtle enhanced look and feel that I love. And of course, I am also hooked on the smell, which reminds me to stay on top of my routine!

Idealia Skincare by Vichy

Idealia is the ideal skincare treatment for first signs of aging and targets dull skin, large pores, and fine line. Idéalia contains an antioxidant complex, powered by blueberry extract, fermented black tea extract and Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water.

Idealia Skincare by Vichy

Idealia Serum ($50)

As you all know, I love my serum! It adds a luxurious layer to your moisturizer and that extra bit of moisture your skin could always use. This is a non-sticky formula and you only need a pearl-size bead for your entire face.

Idealia Skincare by Vichy Serum

Idealia Gel-Cream ($40)

While this cream promises to boost the natural glow and smoothen your skin, I really love using it as a primer for my makeup. It has the same finish and texture. It’s recommended for normal to oily skin and will protect your skin from getting too oily and shiny throughout the day.

Idealia Skincare by Vichy gel-cream

Idealia Peel ($40)

Rather than using a scrub, this product is a gentle chemical peel that will eliminate dark spots and acne marks and will help fade away the tiny wrinkles. I would only use this maybe twice a month. It’s hard to believe, but if done right, a chemical peel is more effective than using a scrub for your face. Although we can noticeably feel the difference, sometimes scrubs can actually damage the skin microscopically, especially if the beads are not spherical (a perfect circle). It’s time to shift my thinking and ditch the scrubs!

Idealia Skincare by Vichy Peel

Idealia day cream ($45)

This day cream is by far my favourite product from the entire line. It’s light and fluffy and smells divine. I start with this cream, layer the serum over it, then the gel-cream mixed in with my tinted moisturizer. This moisture army will stop my skin from drying and protect it all day. Nothing is getting past them!

Idealia Skincare by VichyIdealia Skincare by Vichy Day cream Idealia Skincare by Vichy Idealia Skincare by VichyIdealia Skincare by Vichy

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