Product review: Biotherm Blue Therapy cream-in-oil face moisturizer

I received Biotherm Blue Therapy cream-in-oil face moisturizer a few months ago and have been using it sporadically, between the other products that I am testing. I need time to play with products before I can really review them. I know you would expect nothing less from this biochemistry student!

First, I didn’t realize that this was such a luxurious creme, only because I assumed I wasn’t fancy enough to receive it for free! Lesson learned – stop assuming! It retails at $79.

beauty-blog-reviewing-biothermBy the way, this is the first time I ever used a Biotherm product. The cream-in-oil is quite a unique texture, almost gel-like with an oily but not greasy finish, if that makes any sense. It’s very moisturizing, without being too heavy either. The creme packs a big punch. You don’t need very much product, so it should last you a while. Maybe not so much during the winter months, where your face feels like it’s about to fall off after the shower. Is that just me? …Or?

I love a mild scent in my face cream, and this one is quite fragrant, so I would not recommend it if you like scent-free products. I personally love it, though.

I have to admit that my skin drinks this cream because the weather is cold lately, so I have been layering it with serum. I would recommend it for spring/summer use, if you are anything like me. All in all, a great product that hydrates my skin and leaves is looking silky smooth.

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  1. Biotherm are my favorite face cream products, specially the Blue Therapy line. I love the mild scent of the creams and the result is an healthy look skin.

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