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Mode XLusive Style Profile curvy plus size fashion blog Ottawa Montreal Toronto Canada Chantsy Chantal Sarkisian Emmi Snicker 1This is my total style crush, Emmi Snicker of Stockholm. I fell hard for her street style photos when I Googled “plus-size fashion blogger”. That’s how we met! I love this beauty’s style and how she rocks her curves, so I ask her a few questions.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Emmi Snicker and I’m currently living in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, with my husband. I’m a 23 year old blogger and organic makeup artist. I also run a small company through my blog, besides my full-time office job. Otherwise I love to travel, watch documentaries and hang out with my family and friends!

What’s your passion for fashion? My interest for fashion and beauty started at an early age – I remember I had a small collection of eye shadows (blue, pink and silver) for school discos in the late 90s. I also loved girl bands, especially their makeup and clothes. Growing up, my mother had her own hair salon where I spent a few hours every day after school. I would wait for her to finish up, while I painted and played with hair accessories and looked through her look books. Since then, my interest in fashion and beauty has developed a lot. I hope to find a full time career in the fashion and beauty industry in the future!

What XLusive tip can you share? My style tips for a chic style is to invest in basic clothing – oh, I know it’s so boring and you’ve heard this tip a million times before – but you need to build a small base to work with. Once you have your basics, you can then add pieces with that bit of “extra” and voliá, you can now create hundreds of combinations with all your pieces!

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  1. Dear Chantal: I hate the words “PLUS SIZE”. If a young woman is slender and small, she is considered ‘petite’, if a woman had a bit more flesh and big breasts, she is often called ‘curvy’ or ‘voluptuous’. But if a woman is hanging on to a bit more flesh than she people think she should, she is called a “PLUS SIZE”?!?!?! Geesh, can’t we come up with a couple of better adjectives like “More Than a Woman to Me” or “Size? A Whole Lot of Love?”….let’s have a contest!

      1. But a chick in your position, a veritable fashion BLOGANISTA, is in THE perfect position to start effecting change! C’mon! Live a little…run a contest! Get the gals (and guys!) out there buzzing with new words!!

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