The 2 items you need to nail this winter fashion trend

winter fashion trend ripped jeans fishnet Ottawa fashion blogger

I won’t make you read the whole post, I’ll just tell you straight up: you will need ripped boyfriend jeans and fishnet stocking to nail this winter fashion trend.

I know you have a version of these two items in your closet. It doesn’t have to be specifically boyfriend jeans or fishnets, but you can see how versatile it is to layer tights under your jeans. The 10 year old me would think I am crazy! My mom used to force me to put tights under my pants to stay warm, and I REFUSED!! Once again, mother wins me over with her fashion advice! I’ll admit that fishnets aren’t exactly a way to stay warmer under your ripped jeans, but one has to suffer to look great, am-I-right? Maybe opt for thicker tights if you want to outlast the cold Ottawa weather. By the way, it was a typical cold Ottawa February morning (like -40) when we shot this look, and Kamara and I practically froze to death. So please, be grateful, ok?winter fashion trend ripped jeans fishnet Ottawa fashion blogger

Get the look

I’ve been seeing this look all over Instagram and decided to do a copycat look using only items that I have in my closet. This is a new thing for me, by the way. I have so much clothes and I don’t think I am giving all my pieces the life they deserve. After shopping my closet, I came up with the perfect look. Here is what I am wearing:

Photography provided by Kamara Morozuk. Thank you for freezing your fingers, your camera and for risking your life to get the best shots! XOX C

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  1. I still cannot believe you chopped up those boots. LOL! ;o)

    I’m so sorry I couldn’t stick around at VAM yesterday. I had to return my loaner to the dealership before it closed! You looked great and hope that 50 Shades was good!

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